Corporate Overview


PDC Telecommunications Services Sdn Bhd, better known as PDC Telco, is the prime mover for the telecommunications infrastructure and service provider in Penang and whole Malaysia. We build and lease communication structures to telecommunication providers and we are the one-stop agency for processing applications relating to telecommunications infrastructure development in Penang.

We are a subsidiary of the state-owned Penang Development Corporation (PDC), and a licensee with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) as Network Facilities Provider (NFP) and Network Service Provider (NSP).

Our Functions

PDC Telco has two core functions. The first is to build, own and lease telecommunication infrastructure in Penang and other states in Malaysia, which are being shared among the industry players. Incorporated in 2005 under MCMC’s Time-2 Programme, PDC Telco has been a State-Backed Company (SBC) actively involved in providing network facilities comprising telecommunication towers, poles, ducts and pits in the state.

Our other role is to be a One-Stop Agency for the Penang Telecommunications Common Trenching System, which is owned by the Chief Minister Inc. (CMI), a state-owned agency.

In 2011, the CMI authorised PDC Telco to take charge as the sole implementer for the Common Trenching System, whereby all submissions for trenching work permits from the licensed Telecommunications operators will be coordinated before they are further submitted to the work permit issuing authorities, namely the Local Government (Municipal Councils) and all districts under the Public Works Department (JKR) for final approval.

Thus, PDC Telco plays a critical role in coordinating the stakeholders involved, namely the Licensed Operators, the Local Authorities and the CMI, to result in a comprehensive state-wide fibre-optics network that commands optimum coverage with level playing field resource sharing, and most importantly, world- class workmanship in the civil engineering component.