Next Generation Network (NGN)

The state of Penang is embarking on the roll-out of the Penang Next Generation Network (NGN) and is welcoming industry players and service providers to partner it in its drive to bring high-bandwidth connectivity to businesses and residences.
As can be seen in this website, there are many standards, guidelines and regulations to which developers, service providers and other parties involved in delivering fiber-to-the-premise (FTTP) need to adhere to.
PDC Telco has been tasked by the State Government via Chief Minister's Inc (CMI), to be the One-Stop Agency for such tasks as coordinating the issuance of trenching permits for civil engineering works and ensuring that workmanship by telecoms contractors abide by the strictest standards .
By extension, PDC Telco is also to implement a state-wide Telecommunications Common Trenching System. Our key role is to facilitate telecoms operators in meeting regulatory requirements, as well as to provide assistance with regards to network coverage areas and availability schedule, trenching specifications and architecture, dark fiber pricing, and backhaul wholesale bandwidth. This includes overseeing compliance to the Technical Code for Fiber-to-the-Premise, Guidelines for Underground Utility and Detection Mapping, and The Standard Operating Procedure for Fiber-Optics Telecommunications Trenching.
In strategic partnership with neutral NSP licensee as a neutral player in the provisioning of fiber-optic ducts within a Common Trenching System, dark fiber and backhaul bandwidth, PDC Telco assures industry players that we will not operate as a competitor in providing retail services.
Rather, we will be a partner in delivering carrier-class fiber-optics network facilities services to end-users in Penang through the licensed NSP operators.