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B. Malaysia

I. Fiber-to-the-Buildings (FTTx)

Telecompaper reported on February 10, 2013
, that FTTx technologies surpassed cable networks in terms of broadband subscriber numbers in Q3 2012, according to the latest figures announced at the FTTH Conference Europe in London.

At the end of Q3, FTTx had 125.05 million users or 19.7 percent of the global market, versus 121.01 million cable users, equal to a 19.1 percent share. Copper still accounted for over half the market, with 366.96 million broadband users.

FTTx also showed the strongest growth in subscribers over Q3, at 26.8 percent year-on-year, while cable grew 7.9 percent, and copper was up 4.8 percent.

Of the 54 million new broadband subscribers added in the year to September 2012, 26 million are served by fibre (48%).

In total there were 635 million broadband subscribers worldwide at the end of the period, with 12 million new users added in Q3 alone.

The figures were announced at the FTTH Conference Europe in London, where the Broadband Forum is also highlighting its work on GPON certification.

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II Gold Member, FTTH Council Asia Pacific

The Light Age Vol 1 Feb 2013

PDC Telco became a Gold Member of the FTTH Council, Asia Pacific on March 1, 2013.

The FTTH Council Asia-Pacific is a non-profit organisation established in 2005. It is building on the success of its sister organisations in the US and Europe to educate the industry and the general public on the opportunities and benefits of FTTH solutions.

The Light Age
Vol 1 Feb 2013

FTTH Council Asia-Pacific members represent all areas of broadband industries, including telecommunications, computing, networking, system integration, engineering and content-provider companies, as well as traditional telecommunications service providers, utilities and municipalities.

Click here to view the list of membership companies in FTTH Council Asia Pacific.

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III. Emblem System

Concurrently, with the backing of the Penang State Government, PDC Telco and FTTH Council Asia Pacific will be implementing an Emblem System, a star-ranking system akin to the hotel and hospitality industry, to institutionalise the fibre-ready benchmarks of the real-estate.

On March 11, 2013, FTTH Council Asia Pacific President Monique J. Morrow announced that a new Emblem Committee was established in January, with Steve Foster of Emtelle appointed as the Chair for the committee. Click here.
The committee is tasked to develop a rating system for new homes and buildings with high-speed broadband Internet connectivity collaborating with the State Government of Penang, Malaysia.

This will be done with a view to enhancing the value of buildings and facilities which can deploy fibre-speed broadband for the end-users.

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IV. Certification of FTTx Contractors
Coming Soon

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V. Certification of FTTx Components & Materials
Coming Soon

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VI. Industry Workshops

PDC Telco and FTTH Council Asia Pacific will jointly organise work-camps and seminars to train and develop competencies in FTTH solutions, skills, and specialised project management for the benefit of professionals and contractors involved in the real-estate industries.

Thus far, PDC Telco and FTTH Council Asia Pacific had joined hands in organizing two NGN and FTTH Workshop targeting at the real-estate developers and government agencies, respectively.
  06 November 2012: NGN & FTTH Workshop (Real Estate Developers)

05 February 2013: NGN & FTTH Workshop (Government Agencies)

Please visit above website to find out more about forth-coming events.

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