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What Real Estate Developers should know about telecoms infra.

We are PDC Telco. A subsidiary of state-owned Penang Development Corporation (PDC), we are a designated State-Backed Company (SBC) under the Time-2 Programme for 3G Rollout, and we have been granted a Network Facility Provider (NFP) license by industry regulator, the Malaysian Multimedia and Communications Commission (MCMC).

To help future-proof Penang as a Knowledge-Economy state and usher in the Big Data Era, PDC Telco is now embarking on a fibre-optics-based Next Generation Network, scheduled to be fully operational state-wide by Quarter 4, 2014, which will provide state-wide trunk coverage, carrier-grade service quality and options for redundant routes for broadband services.
  Industry Liberalisation

Our efforts have been made possible by the opening of the telecommunications sector. Unlike the power supply industry which supports a monopolistic player, the telecommunications industry in Malaysia has been liberalised since 1985, when Jabatan Telekom Malaysia (JTM) split into two branches. The commercial branch was corporatised as Syarikat Telekom Malaysia Berhad (STMB) and later evolved into Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM), while the regulatory branch remained known as Jabatan Telekom Malaysia.

JTM’s regulatory function officially ceased on March 31, 1999 with the adoption of the Communications and Multimedia Act (CMA) in 1998, after which the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) took over as the regulator for the entire telecommunications industry in Malaysia.

The CMA 1998 mandates a licensing system where all operators in the telecommunications and multimedia sectors are licensed under four major categories, namely Network Facility Provider (NFP), Network Services Provider (NSP), Content Applications Service Provider (CASP) and the class license category of Applications Service Provider (ASP).

Owing to this liberalised regulatory framework, the telecommunications industry has witnessed a dynamic change in service provisioning which promotes healthy competition and a more level playing field, while eradicating predatory dominance.
  TM no longer regulates

It is pertinent to highlight that, with the enforcement of CMA 1998, Telekom Malaysia became a mere peer among the other NSPs/ NFPs that consumers and end-users can choose from.

More importantly, TM is no longer the sole commercial company that local authorities and real-estate developers need to consult for the approval of development plans.

The liberalisation of the telecommunications sector in Malaysia has opened up the market, allowing for competition and resulting in greater benefits for end-users in terms of pricing and services. For investors and other players who wish to enter the market, an understanding of the various regulations governing activities in the sector is a must.

PDC Telco is here to help you in your telecoms infrastructure planning, in Penang.


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