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Full Audit on In-Building Fibre Installation to Ensure Full Compliance to World-Class Standards & Specifications Endorsed by FTTH Council, Asia Pacific

Case Study : MDU 'H'
(A Light Industrial Park in Penang)

PDC Telco subscribes to World-Class Standards and Specifications for In-Building Fibre Installation set by the Malaysian Communications & Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and FTTH Council, respectively. This commitment to Standards and Specifications will not be compromised at all times.

With the help of independent auditors endorsed by FTTH Council Asia Pacific, we have undertaken audit exercises on several fibre-ready MDUs in Penang. Some test results and statistics obtained from these audit exercises are very illuminating.

Despite the fact that some of the in-building fibre installations were done with specifications laid down by licensed Telco operators and installed by their recommended contractors, glaring cases of non-compliance to Standards and Specifications were discovered.

We strongly feel that some of the test results that provide the evidence for non-compliance must be shared so that all stakeholders in the FTTH industry are aptly forewarned, that compliance to World-Class Standards and Specifications is a pre-requisite to building a World-Class FTTH Infrastructure.

It is with this commitment that we present you our first Case Study:
MDU 'H': A Light Industrial Park. With this, we hope to help build the baby steps towards the adoption of the Penang Emblem Rating System for all FTTx-ready buildings in the state.

YB Jeff Ooi Chuan Aun


The full result of the evalution can be downloaded here :

Chapter I : Test Method & Finding for Fibre-Ready MDU
Chapter II : MDF_1310 + 1550_L2-R13_FWS1-BRD-R1
Chapter III : MDF_1310 + 1550_L3-R14_FWS1_BRD-R1
Chapter IV : MDF_1310 + 1550_L8-R06_FWS1_BRD-R1
Chapter V : MDF_1310 + 1550_L9-R13_FWS1_BRD-R1



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